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Telephone and Online Services 2020 – Connection Details and Dates/Time of Services

Online and telephone divine services in the UK and Ireland

Please see below the login and access details for online and telephone divine services for each UK district and for Ireland.

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UK North District



United Kingdom: +44 330 221 0097

Access Code: 669-815-005

UK South District



United Kingdom: +44 330 221 0088

Access Code: 140-348-093

UK West District



United Kingdom: +44 808 178 0872

Access Code: 183-268-877




Ireland: +353 15 295 146

Access Code: 606-478-949

Additional notes

We have a limited number of licences for each district hence the reason for not having one central divine service for the whole UK and Ireland. Please therefore use the login assigned to your district so we remain under the maximum limits.

Times of divine services

Sunday morning services will commence at 10:00 am.

Wednesday evening services will commence at 8:00 pm.

Online Access

For those using the online service for the first time please allow an extra few minutes to install the browser extension OR Desktop app. See below:

Telephone Access

For those connecting by telephone you will need the telephone number and access codes below which have been assigned to your district. Once you have dialed the telephone number you will be asked to enter the access code followed by the pound or hash sign (pound or hash = # button)

You will be then hear the following:

To enable audit controls please enter your audio pin or pound or hash sign. If you do not have a pin, please enter your pound or hash sign.

At this point please press # on your phone. You will then be placed into the meeting. The line will be silent until the divine service begins. Please place your phone on mute by either pressing the mute button or press * followed by the number 6.