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Birmingham Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving in Birmingham, Sunday 13th October with Apostle David Heynes.
Text word: 2nd Corinthians 9:8, ‘And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.’
Our apostle began by highlighting the wonderful altar decoration – remarking on the generosity of the givers. Someone out of love, wanted to help another soul. That is evident. This shows preparation for the divine service and we are thankful for that.
We recognise that God loves a cheerful giver, so let us do what we can with joy!
Our God’s grace is something we have not earned any right to. Let us pause and appreciate what we have; connect with our heavenly Father and reflect.
Perhaps we awake on a Monday morning and do not look forward to working – however, let us be truly thankful that we have a job – some of our brethren do not have that luxury and are too sick to be employed.
As children of God we have brothers and sisters who are not the same as us – let us think of that as a blessing and enrichment for our lives. Everyone plays a part in the congregation and we can be thankful for that. Be mindful that you can serve them too and reach out to all people to provide soul care.
Priest Sinclair assisted and he reflected that it is wonderful to be able to support and give to our own children. Perhaps the majority of parents across the world do not have the full capacity to do that. Additionally, receiving a blessing means it was given for a purpose – so that in turn we can be a blessing.
Priest Dawson spoke especially to the children in the congregation and reminded us that God has given all His riches and blessings to us before asking us to do something for Him. In the world, it is usually the other way around.
Every time we think of God it is like letting a bucket down into a well and filling it up with goodness. Sometimes He even sends us on mini-adventures, and we can do things for other people if we take the opportunity when it arises. He told of a time that he was so hungry after finishing work that only fish and chips would do. So, he headed for a fish and chip shop and spied an old man in the corner of the shop who was a little worse for wear. Everyone around him was wary and ignoring this old man – our priest could engage in a little conversation and improve the man’s mood. Priest Dawson reminded us that although he enjoyed his fish and chips, the part he remembered most was the little bit of joy he could bring to the old man. What remains is how they both felt. The congregation enjoyed some time together in fellowship at the close of the service.enjoyed some time together in fellowship at the close of the service.

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