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District Apostle Krause, Sunday 22nd September,North District Service, Nottingham

Text word: Daniel 6:26-27. (excerpt).
‘For He is the living God,
And steadfast forever;
His kingdom is the one which shall not be destroyed,
And His dominion shall endure to the end.
He delivers and rescues,
And He works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth.’

My dear Brethren, we are connected today with our brothers and sisters both here and in the beyond. We want to prepare our hearts and souls to be with our heavenly Father. I’m sure you have experienced situations where you have felt support and strength and known our God is near.
Just as the centurion knew that Jesus could help him, just one word from the Lord and he knew his child would be made well, and yet others who met Jesus were prepared only to have a discussion.
How would we like to see our Lord and Redeemer? We pray to Him and experience often His help. Let us pray and worship in our daily life and look to the Day of the Lord.
Let us remind ourselves of the situation Daniel found himself in during the time of King Darius’ reign. Daniel did not waver in his faith, despite the plots against him. Darius, who was a pagan king, could eventually recognise and express via their experiences together that there was only one God.

When we feel and experience signs and wonders, we become aware of the greatness of our Lord, let us remain together and have the goal of our faith in our hearts.
Continue to invest our gifts and talents into the Lord’s work so that He can bless the whole congregation and remain following the chief apostle and Jesus Christ.

Assisting ministers.

Priest Elvis Beya: It’s wonderful be here and serve the Lord. We heard how loyal and connected Daniel remained to God. I can imagine that although Daniel knew God was with him, he was still human and would still experience emotions of fear.
We are encouraged to have fellowship with one another and use our gifts and talents to serve the Lord. Today we have been called to have a connection with our ministers and Jesus Christ. Our Lords counts all of us as important let us strive together to the goal of our faith.

Priest Tim Clement: Under the word today I was reminded how much more should we be an example and praise our heavenly Father. We have been rescued again and again throughout our lives and in turn we can help each other. We know that God desires all mankind to be saved; wherever we are, let us be thankful and share this with others.

District Evangelist Karl Milton: We serve the living God; being steadfast in our faith, despite the winds of doubt. When we come into His house we can be rejuvenated by the holy spirit. Daniel interpreted the King’s dream – however, he asked to be alone and to pray to his God before advising of its meaning. He drew close to his living God. When we do this our Lord sees our hearts and can bless us.

District Apostle Krause: the peace of the risen one has the same power as it did the very first time with Jesus. He is not willing to look back to the past, He knows what we need now. This allows us to learn and become closer to Him. Let us have a deliberate rest and quiet in our heart to prepare ourselves for holy communion.

The congregation could witness a little child receive holy sealing and holy communion was celebrated for the departed.Everyone enjoyed some time togetherinfellowship after the service. fellowship after the service.

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