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Safeguarding Announcement

This announcement relates to PAUL BRIAN O’NEILL,


You may now be aware that Paul O’Neill, who was arrested on the 29 March 2017, has been charged with 45 counts of offences of a sensitive nature including child sex offences. He will appear on 27 April 2017 at Nottingham Crown Court.


At the time a police investigation started, O’Neill was a minister with special responsibilities for children with the New Apostolic Church.


As soon as we became aware of the allegations, O’Neill was instructed to cease all church activities and he subsequently resigned.


At the time of writing, we can confirm that the charges do not relate to the New Apostolic Church in any way.


The New Apostolic Church UK and worldwide Church, takes all allegations of this nature extremely seriously. The organisation maintains a robust safeguarding policy and has established systems to safeguard children and vulnerable people.


Our church administration and the Chair of the Safeguarding Committee continue to work closely with the relevant police and safeguarding authorities.

It is the objective of the Church to act in total transparency and to help and assist members who have worries and concerns in this matter. For this reason, it is important for all to be aware that an external and fully independent social worker has been appointed and may be approached in confidence.


Contact details are listed below and will also be available from the Church administration and can be found on the notice board. The costs of this support will be carried by the Church.


The professional Social Worker, appointed by the Church, will handle all communication in confidence.


Miss Jenni Barnett, Independent Social Worker (Manager Expert Witness PLO, IRO LADO CP Chair) HCPC SCW BASW CQSW DSW

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Dedicated email address for attendees of the New Apostolic Church.

Telephone: 07864 843 189 (Dedicated line for attendees of the New Apostolic Church)

For those who wish to contact Nottinghamshire Police directly, please do so by calling 101.